Technical management

We provide first class technical and marine management services for a wide range of vessels in the wet and dry markets.

Our aim is to maximize the vessel’s operation efficiency throughout her life-cycle and the quality of our technical management services is reflected in the sustained optimal performance of our vessels. The service delivery is underpinned by a rigorous approach to safety, security and environmental protection that constantly meets customers’ expectations while ensuring effective and efficient compliance with prevailing statutory and regulatory requirements.

The department comprises dedicated technical superintendents amongst whom are management level engineers with a broad seagoing and shore experience , who ensure that every vessel’s operating condition is always at its peak from both technical and safety standpoint. Our team is focused on meeting budget targets , achieved through established procedures and efficiencies in maintenance, planning and delivery. Established relationships with first-class suppliers, service providers and shipyards ensure that our customers consistently receive reliable and cost competitive services cost.

We take special interest in maintaining a good superintendent / vessel allocation ratio so that our vessels are carefully monitored and get prompt attention at all times and, with the aid of operating systems such as the computerized AMOS Planned Maintenance System and other internally developed software, our engineering specialists oversee the maintenance and day-to-day running of ships. Our main emphasis in managing ships is preventive maintenance and performance monitoring.

Our technical management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Regular condition assessment (*safe and efficient cargo handling and conditioning)
  • Vessel inspection and reports (*arranging for and monitoring the vessels’ certifications)
  • Vessel performance monitoring (*on-board repair, planned maintenance and installation)
  • Dry dock planning and supervision
  • Purchasing & inventory control
  • Budgetary & financial controls
  • Any other technical assistance that a ship owner may require