Insurance & claims

The high quality of our management is reflected in the company’s excellent loss prevention record which in turn strengthens the company’s insurance relationships and terms.

With our trusted reputation and extensive experience in the market we ensure that the financial interests of our clients are well protected by negotiating competitive insurance covers. Due to our experience we are capable to manage and handle all claims from the beginning through to the final settlement.

Our services include, but not limited to:

  • H & M and War Risks insurances with first class insurance companies
  • P & I insurance (including crew risks cover) with Clubs members of the International Group
  • Freight Demurrage and Defence Insurance
  • Other customary insurances (Loss of Hire, War and Piracy Loss of Hire, etc.) on clients’ request
  • Risk management
  • Loss prevention programs
  • Claims handling, bringing and defending actions, suits or proceedings, obtaining legal, technical or other outside expert advice in order to protect our clients’ best interest.