Innovation and R&D

We are in continuous pursuit of innovation.

Vessel design

The 41k design under our management has been developed in-house together with Constanta Shipyard and in close cooperation with Oil Major Companies and traders to create. The result, an eco friendly, high intake, shallow draft and fuel efficient 40,400 dwt Oil / Chemical tanker, was an award winning design which is internationally recognized as one of the best in its class

Presently, Constanta Shipyard and Histria Shipmanagement developed a new Oil/ Chemical IMO 2-3 tanker design, defined as “MAXMR1”, benefiting of an even higher cargo intake against a further improved fuel efficiency.

The MAXMR1 represents an important step in our common pursuit to create a modern generation of our existing successful series of 40,400 dwt product and chemical tanker vessels under management. One important improvement was the cylindrical propeller cap and the rudder bulb, two devices providing both fuel savings and reduced greenhouse gasses.

Furthermore, the rudder bulb is an additional power saving device which changes the hub vortex to streamline the water flow behind the propeller. When it comes to the main engine, the SMCR power, the rpm and the tuning mode were the criteria taken into account when studying the potential candidates.

The MAN6S50ME-C9.5 newest two-stroke, electronically controlled main engine was contracted for this project. Together with the other innovations of this project, the fuel consumptions has been significantly improved and the delivered EEDI is considerably better than the IMO base-line (thus reducing the CO2 emissions much more than what is regulated by the IMO).

Six newbuildings having already been contracted by Constanta Shipyard-4 firm orders and 2 options, with deliveries from 2018 to 2020 and Histria Shipmanagement will become the proud manager of these vessels.


Whenever we have the opportunity we are eager to contribute to the industry research and are actively undertaking R&D programs in cooperation with Universities with the aim to develop solutions for safer and more environmentally friendly shipping.

Together with the University College of London (UCL) we have participated in a case study of fuel monitoring and efficiency indicators for Intertanko, a study which investigated the CO2 emissions and other relevant data collected over a five year period.

Innovative solutions

We are in continuous cooperation with manufacturers and are keen to install and test innovative systems for better performance and energy efficiency.

An innovative silicone coated propeller was tested for the first time in Constanta Shipyard on one of our vessels under management.

An Energy Efficiency Study conducted by DNV-GL proved that Energy Efficiency is an important issue affecting the shipping industry, and most companies are willing to increase their fleet energy efficiency.Looking for solutions to this problem, Histria Shipmanagement is testing a new silicone based paint, used on the propeller of the M/T Histria Coral.